Why Choose Us

  • Pulling from evidence-based early learning approaches like Montessori and STEAM we’ve crafted a curriculum that respects the unique needs of each child in our care.
  • We believe the path to happiness starts with gratitude, and our team is sure to weave it into everyday practices like a dedicated “thank you” before meals.
  • Our team of professional early educators understands the latest in brain development, while recognizing that old school hugs and high-fives are important too.
  • We share an easy to use app with parents that enables on the spot access to teacher communication and daily pics of your child’s day.
  • Recognizing parents as their child’s first teacher, we supply parenting resources on-demand because it takes a village.
  • Little muscles get a big boost with our indoor gym replete with treadmill, exercise bike, yoga mats and pull up bar.
  • Enrichments like yoga, Spanish and baby signing teach mindfulness, expand lexicon and mitigate frustration when infants are first learning how to communicate.
  • We invite friends from Easter Seal to play and collaborate with our students weekly, so both groups can make new friends and be exposed to a wide range of abilities.
  • An on-site lending library with tons of age-appropriate books to choose from is a convenient, fast and free way for parents to support early literacy at home.
  • Toys, tools, surfaces and high-traffic spots like doorknobs are sanitized daily to stop cold and flu germs in their tracks.

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