The Sweetest Start For Your Baby

Your Child Is Learning and Growing in A Safe, Soothing Environment

The Sweetest Start For Your Baby

Your Child Is Learning and Growing in A Safe, Soothing Environment

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Your Baby’s Health Is
Our Top Priority

Our teachers know how fragile an infant’s health is in their first few months, so we follow a stringent cleaning routine to safeguard their health, like sanitizing all toys during the nap period. To further curb the spread of germs, a cleaning service comes in to deep-clean the classrooms from top-to-bottom once a week.

Respecting Your Baby’s Rhythm for Feeding, Rest, and Play

We partner with you and reflect your baby’s home schedule as closely as possible. For feedings and nap routines, we match what is going on at home so that you can rest easy knowing your baby is getting the loving attention they deserve in the most personal way. For nap time, each baby has their crib, and we store personal items for each child separately as well.

Gentle Encouragement
and Experimenting With
Baby’s First Foods

We accommodate your baby’s budding palette as they start on solids or when eating purees. Serving bite-sized portions and monitoring babies closely for safety gives them a gentle introduction, and we track what they try and their preferences for you.

Ample Space to Explore Movement and Emerging Physical Skills

Similar to their mental development, babies are constantly changing in their physical abilities and hitting new milestones. Your baby has tummy time every day, several times a day, to develop their neck and core muscles. Eventually, babies will push up and start crawling. These newly mobile babies have ample space and supervision to explore their environment and their new-found skills.

Going Outside For Strolls For Fresh Air Every Day

Your baby goes on strolls every day, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the outdoor sights and sounds. A leaf on a tree, a flower, or a squirrel scampering by, are all packets of new and exciting information your baby can take in on their regular outdoor excursions every day.

Sharing Precious Moments Of Your Baby’s Day With You

Our teachers use the Brightwheel parent app to fill out daily reports to share mealtimes, diapers, and nap information with you. Sweet pictures and videos of fun activities are included so you can have a good sense of what your child is doing throughout the day.  This enhanced level of peace of mind is priceless.

Love, Care, and Compassion in a Peaceful Environment

Teaching your child kindness and gratitude starts young through our tender loving care. We communicate with your child using love and empathy, speak to them kindly, and provide a soothing environment to set a peaceful tone for your child’s future.

Infant Teachers Provide Your Baby with Foundations to Learn

We are responsive to your child’s cues and guide them through the cognitive leaps they are continuously making. Combining the Creative Curriculum, Montessori, and STEAM activities for babies, we give them many opportunities to practice newly developing skills and to play games, such as wrinkling up a noisy piece of paper, playing peek-a-boo, or pointing to and naming objects.

Our Parent Resource
Library Supports Your Parenting Journey

Having a brand new little family member can be overwhelming at times, and new (and sometimes experienced) parents can often use support. Please speak with us for any concerns, take advantage of our Parenting Library, and join our parent and community events. We are here for you every step of the way!
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The Ark provides a wonderful environment for your child to learn, grow, and socialize. Each day The Ark focuses on your child’s safety, wellbeing, growth, and development. The teachers are very caring and provide an excellent level of care to each child. The classroom structure focuses on your child’s age group but also takes into consideration each child’s individual level of development. My son has attended The Ark for over 2 1/2 years and he loves all the teachers, the activities, reading at story time, and most of all the playground. I highly recommend The Ark as your child care provider.
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Our boys, Anthony and Zachary, have been with The Ark since they were just 2 months old; now Anthony is almost 5 (just graduated preschool at The Ark) and Zach almost 2. The staff is wonderful and has truly become a part of our family over the last 5 years. Our boys love everyone there so much. The Ark does many things throughout the year for fun and the boys always participate. They are always cognizant that every child is different and are wonderful with their development. They always keep my wife Jennifer and I current on the newest news with The Ark and with the development both educationally and emotionally of our boys. We really believe that children are the most important part of people’s lives and The Ark certainly believes that as well. The staff loves all of the children and shows it through care and affection. My wife Jennifer and I can without hesitation recommend The Ark for your children; you won’t regret it.
The Denoncourts
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At The Ark Christian Nursery and Learning Center, families can be confident that their children are well cared for while still having fun. The sense of security felt when leaving our daughter at The Ark is greatly appreciated. Our three year old is learning so much and is eager to share her day with us, when she is picked up. We are always pleased with the feedback from her learning experiences. The location, curriculum, friendly staff and cleanliness of the facility have kept us with The Ark since our daughter was five months old. We have recommended The Ark to coworkers and friends. We would tell anyone who is interested to visit and they will see for themselves what a great place The Ark is. We are so thankful to be able to leave our daughter in a Christian environment with loving teachers while working.
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My boys go to the Ark and they love it here! The teachers are great and they learn so much. I’ve seen such an improvement in BOTH of my boys in the 5 months they’ve been going here. My oldest is 4 and he wakes up every morning excited to go to “school”. I would recommend this daycare to anyone looking for child care. And I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else! My kids are in GREAT HANDS!
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My daughter loves going here! She has been since 2015 and absolutely LOVES her teachers. They are very understanding with your schedule and are easy to work with. They work with an app called brightwheel to help engage you in what they are doing in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. They can send pictures and updates of your child. You are also able to message your child’s teacher with any questions, comments, or concerns, making it easier to communicate with one another! With the help of The Ark for the past 4 years, I believe it is going to be in easy transition for our child going into kindergarten in August 😊
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The Ark Learning Center has an amazing educational program! They track all the developmental stages along your child’s growth, they provide many services allowing open contact between parents and teachers and allow you to see your child’s daily accomplishments and events that happen. They have a wonderful comunication system allowing parents to frequently ask questions, make comments or just checking in as the day goes on through the Brightwheel app linked to your child! I highly recommend The Ark Learning Center as a place for your child to grow, learn, play and succeed everyday and help them grow into an eager to learn and prepared kindergartener when the time comes! I currently have my daughter in this center, have been consistent for over a year and plan to continue her education through their program for the next few years until kindergarten! She has had many teachers along the way but Ms. Lori, Mr. Ben, Ms. Mayla, Ms. Kaitlin and Ms. Shantel are the ones who spend time with her the most throughout her time at the Ark and they are all amazing! They love her so much and always make sure she gets what she needs and they are great at letting me know when something is needed or if something seems wrong. I highly recommend The Ark Leanring Center for so many reasons I can’t type them all!

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